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Why animals should not be kept in zoos essay

Animals Should Not Be Kept in Zoos Essay Example Essay on ‘Animals should not be kept in zoos’ – PoC Why Animals Should Not Be Kept In The Zoo Essay | Essay on Animals Essay on ‘Animals should not be kept in zoos’ – PoC Why animals should not be kept in zoos? Zoos should be banned because they are making animals live an unpleasant life. Firstly, I believe that animals have the right to be free. Animals should not be exploited by human beings and animals should be free like humans. Like humans they have feelings and they have families. They are sentient. By keeping animals in zoos, the amount of time for an animal to breed is cut in half. Animals don’t belong in zoos that will make their species extinct. Zoos are not beneficial because they don’t help the growing problems in the animal world. Zoos are not a.

Another animal that struggles in zoos are big cats. Many big cats show signs of “zoochosis” since their average enclosures are about 18,000 times smaller than their natural roaming areas (PETA, 2010). Zoos do not have the funds, nor the resources to fulfill those needs; therefore, zoos are inadequate places to happily house many, if not all, animals. In summary,. For these reasons, keeping animals in zoos is an unacceptable thing. The zookeepers are not caring enough about animals. They are not robots, they have feelings. This is what zoos should really start to care about. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Your time is important. Let us write you an essay from scratch Most people aren’t always comfortable seeing animals that are kept in zoos. This is due to the inhumane conditions that these animals are forced to endure. Below are a dozen reasons why zoos can be bad for animals: 1. Lack of sufficient Space No matter how dedicated a zoo is, they can’t meet the space requirements for most of their animals. Absence of abilities to survive will make the creatures in bondage won’t make due in the wild when being kept in imprisonment or being delivered to the wild after long periods of bondage.

Here and there creatures in bondage can wind up doing surprising conduct and propensities, like harming themselves. Firstly animals should not be in zoos because. According to Innocent and Imprison it says that “Cramped cages and incorrect diets have been replaced with open cages”. In my opinion, they said that cramped cages have been replaced but not the diet. Due to this, animals still can be suffered a lot due to the change of diet. Another reason why animals should not be kept in zoos is because when they are stressed, they don’t breed. They don’t create babies. When they die the zoo has to get hold of a new animal from somewhere else. Some of these animals will come from the wild where they should be left alone. This is not helping conservation but hurting it. In this section, some of the top reasons will be given why animals should be kept in zoos for their good. Here is the rundown: Save Endangered Species Give Natural Treatment Create A Bond Between Animals & Humans Offer Opportunities For Research Save Endangered Species Not all is going well for animal welfare and plants in the world.

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Why animals should not be kept in zoos essay

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